The Eyes of Helios synopsis, part 2

Helios rehearsal 2

The seventh section of The Eyes of Helios is about the focus of speed and numbers.  One dancer is moving fast versus five that are not.  Notice how your focus shifts as the dancers change their speed.  The eighth section is about how we draw attention and focus to ourselves.  The single dancer showing off.

Section nine goes deeper into the focus drawn by the eyes and face.  How quickly does your focus shift to the covered figure moving against the crowd?  Did you notice when the second figure started?  Notice how dominant the uncovered figure appears when in the midst of a covered crowd.  Section ten is about the “slight of hand” perception.  The entire casts shifts back and forth.  Can you catch when that pattern changes when I am distracting you with a solo?

Section eleven looks at the power of stillness.  The dancers are running the exact sequence of movements twice.  Once with moments of stillness and once without.  Which section draws your attention more?  Which section seems more powerful to you?  Section twelve is all about the angle of view that is presented.  I have shifted the pattern of movement in time and space in order to give the audience a different view of the action.

This showing of The Eyes of Helios is an “all electronic devices on” production.  I want to know if you see what I see and if you see something different, what is it?  That’s the purpose of work, testing out some of my focal theories and exploring some aspects that I wasn’t sure about.  I hope you enjoy The Eyes of Helios as much as I enjoyed creating it.  This cast has been truly inspirational and I owe them a lot for making me focus on what is important.

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