Ten things they don’t tell you about yoga etiquette


  1. Not speaking is not necessarily silence.  Walking like a baby buffalo is noisy.  So is opening the Velcro fasteners of your yoga mat holder, snapping your yoga mat open and slamming down your water bottle.
  2. Those opaque leggings might seem opaque when you put them on BUT know that when you bend over – the material stretches and thins out – so I am aware that you chose polka dot underwear this morning – or for that matter – that you prefer not to wear underwear.
  3. Gym shorts show more than you probably intended to show to the world.
  4. Although breathing is an essential component to yoga – breathing like you are about to have a heart attack concerns those of us around you.  It kind of puts us on edge – waiting for you to drop to the floor.
  5. Putting your mat directly behind someone else’s (especially when they got there first) and then telling them to move – not cool.
  6. Back to the silence rule.  If the person next to you can hear you whisper to them – then I can hear you too.
  7. If you are a heavy sweater – feel free to mop up some of the sweat around your mat (so somebody else doesn’t slip in it after you’ve left).
  8. If you decide to do your own thing for the entire class – great – but put your mat in the back of the room so you are not distracting the rest of us.
  9. When you come into the practice room walk around the people who are already lying on their mats – not over them – seriously – did you just kick me in the head?
  10. If you’re sick – don’t come to yoga to sweat it out.  Don’t you like us?  Do you want all of us to get sick too?  Have a heart!
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