Yoga Journey

In 2009, Debbie walked into her first yoga studio with the initial intention of finding a physical practice that could augment and sustain her dance teaching career.  It did achieve that goal but it also brought her a missing part of her life…calmness and peace of mind.

The study of yoga has allowed Debbie to shift the mental & physical disciplines of dance to a whole new level.  And vice versa. With over 50 years of physical training, Debbie has an insight that allows her to see beyond basic yogic training dogma. As with her dance teaching, she is always looking for ways to make alignment based techniques more accessible and safer for a wide range of body types.

Since 2013, Debbie has taught thousands of yoga classes in the Greater Toronto area.  She received her initial 500hr training with Modo Yoga. She has also completed Modo’s 200 hr. Advanced Training, 100hr. Flow, 75hr Sequencing and 40hr Fit.   She has studied Seniors Yoga, exploring the challenges of aging and physical movement.  In 2017, Debbie traveled to Bali to study Yin for a month with Jo Phee and Joe Barnett; a training that opened a door for her, giving her access to some of the prominent researchers in the study of fascia.  Debbie is grateful to be surrounded by teachers and colleagues who continue to inspire her, Jo Phee, Joe Barnett, Frank Jude Boccio, Dina Tsouluhas and many others in Toronto and around the world.


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