While nobody likes to get fired, because it can feel like a personal failure – sometimes it holds definite advantages.

When I was younger, it was simply a matter of economics. If you were fired, you could apply for and receive workman’s compensation. If you quit – no workman’s comp. Being a bad employee was never my forte, so purposely messing up anything that had to do with the public wasn’t going to happen. I mainly stuck to ignoring mandatory (and what I considered superfluous) activities: staff meetings, company classes, etc. Unfortunately, I was never fired for ignoring mandatory company events – but it was not for lack of trying. The upside was that my jobs actually got better once those mandatory activities were out of the picture, so I didn’t need to quit.

These days, I think that when you want to quit a job, it’s better to let your boss fire you – it gives them closure. Think about it. When you quit, your boss gets angry. They say some nasty things; you say some nasty things back. It’s just not a pleasant situation. But if they have to fire you – the entire thing plays out differently. First, you get to eliminate most of the annoying elements in your job without worrying about whether it will annoy your boss or not. Second, it’s their decision. Third, firing someone is not an easy task. Trust me – been there, done that.

Imagine this….your boss has finally worked themselves up to the point where they can fire you and what do you do? You tell them that you completely understand their position. They feel instant relief because you are making a difficult situation easier. They are happy and you are happy because you achieved your main objective – getting out of that job. It’s a win, win situation all around.

Simply getting up the courage to confront an offending employee is enough to give anyone an ulcer and even if your boss can’t bring himself to fire you, you’re still ahead. Having discarded all the things you hated so much about your work…maybe keeping the job won’t be so bad.


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