What is a muse?

A muse is someone who inspires you.  For me, muses come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are simple, like the dancer whose innate sense of movement inspires me to try new directions.  Or something someone says that prompts me to ponder an idea that eventually becomes the basis for a new work.  There have been many simple muses in my life and there have been three profound muses.

Andy is an artist.  It would be wrong to put him in a specific category like actor or musician or painter or designer because Andy is more of those things and all of those things.  Andy can see what so few ever take the time to acknowledge.  He sees the beauty in life and he sees the ugly.  Some find him overly critical of mankind but what they fail to see is a man who has a constant hope for the betterment of the human race (even if he fails to recognize that in himself).  Andy is the Renaissance man.

Esther is the embodiment of beauty and dignity.  She is a small woman – lithe and delicate, yet don’t let her physical appearance fool you – she is one of the strongest women that I have ever met.  Her strength is her spirit.  Have you ever met a person whose life force seems to form a halo around them?  This is Esther.  When you sit with Esther, you feel the connection of all life and you know your purpose is to bring as much good to the world as you possibly can.

Stephen is an evolution.  He is all parts of the human existence coming together in one young man.  He knows man’s depths and he knows man’s heights.  He is a cynic and he is an optimist (though he’ll never believe that last label).  Stephen is black and white and all shades in between – encompassing the many possibilities of man’s existence.

Andy, Esther and Stephen are my lifelong muses.  They inspire me every day to look beyond the mundane, to question the status quo, to follow my heart and to never fear my fellow man’s wrath – though being annoyed by it is still a work in progress.  These three people are with me every day of my life and I feel fortunate to know them.

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