The Pollyanna Complex

The earthquake in Mexico changed me forever.  I realized that life was a precious and fleeting thing.  I returned home and canceled all of my insurance policies and decided to live in today rather than in the future.  I enjoy the people that I am with at the moment – and I don’t plan too much for the future.  All throughout my twenties, I had suffered from depression.  The depressions would last for months and while I never stopped working because of them, I wasn’t happy with my life.  I never sought treatment from any professionals because I was ashamed of how I was feeling.  There was always a sadness and heaviness that hung over me.  I decided that I didn’t want to be that way anymore.  I developed what I called the Pollyanna Complex.  Every time something bad would happen, I would force myself to see the positive side of the situation.  After several months, the Pollyanna Complex took over my thought process and it has been functioning since.  How does the complex help the truly devastating events that occur in our lives?  When things like when my husband died or when other tragedies have struck, I survived by knowing that the sadness is inevitable.  I also knew that the pain would pass and that I would come out of the tunnel of despair a stronger person.  Each trial gives me strength.  That’s it – pure and simple.


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