The Eyes of Helios synopsis, part 1

Helios in rehearsal

As I mentioned in my previous blog, The Eyes of Helios deals with focus.  What we see, why we see it, and exploring the different principles of focus.  Here is what you want to look for in the first half of The Eyes of Helios:

At the beginning of Helios, I start with some obvious points of focus:  One person alone on the stage, one person moving differently from the rest of the people around them, one person facing the audience while everyone else faces away.

In the second section, I started work with what draws the viewer’s focus in a crowd.  Six dancers are one the stage, doing identical movements, however each dancer is following their own timing and pace and they are allowing their focus to go wherever it feels natural for them.  You will find your focus going to those dancers who look out towards the audience and you will find your focus drawn to those dancers whose movements have become synchronized.

The next section is about how our focus is drawn by the focus of others.  We’ve all played this game when we were kids; looking up to the sky and waiting to see how many people we could make look in the same direction.  Notice how your focus shifts to where most of the dancers are looking.  How many dancers does it take to shift your focus?  Two?  Four?

The fourth section shows how the smallest of movements can draw our attention while the fifth section demonstrates how the eyes and face form a center of much of our focus.  What do you see when one dancer’s face is covered and how is it different when that dancer’s face is seen?  The sixth section looks at how shifting movement affects what we see.

Most importantly, have fun with The Eyes of Helios.  Use it to start becoming aware of what draws your attention and why.  Self-knowledge is power, my friends.

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