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When life gives you lemons

In March of 2020 when my city shut down because of the Covid pandemic, I had the best sleep of my life. That might seem like an odd reaction to a global crisis but for me, it was the first time … Continue reading

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What’s in a name?

Someone recently apologized to me for calling me “Deb”.  I, for one have never been overly attached to my name, simply because I’ve always disliked it.  “Deb” is what my mother calls me, “Debbie” is my professional name, “Deborah” is on my … Continue reading

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Meditation 101, part 2

I eventually ruled out mindful observation as a gateway to a meditative state.  I also realized that although it would have probably been really beneficial for me to be able to chill out in the midst of chaos…given my current state … Continue reading

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Meditation 101, Part 1

I would never claim to be an expert on meditation and my journey into the practice is one of novice ponderer.  Plus, I am one of those people that must examine all aspects of a new concept before I am truly … Continue reading

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Where do I belong?

I am forever telling all the dance students and actors that I work with to stop trying to fit in.  Embrace all those things that make you unique.  Embrace all those oddities that make you feel uncomfortable in a crowd.  Embrace your foibles … Continue reading

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