#42 Useful Travel Tip #1 Ask for Directions

Generally – it’s probably a good idea to either look at a map or get directions before you go out on a trip.  We had an overnight stopover in Lima (en route from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Quito, Ecuador).  The plan was to arrive in Lima and get a good night’s sleep before catching an early morning connection.  Well – that was the plan.  We arrived in Lima around eleven at night and by the time we cleared customs and immigration it was midnight.  There was a bus waiting in front of the terminal that was going to drop us off at the hotel.  It wasn’t a rented bus; it was your basic airport shuttle bus that traveled between set destinations in the city and the airport.  We managed to find places to sit in the rapidly filling bus and settled down for the ride – expecting a short jaunt to our hotel.  We were wrong.  The bus drove around Lima for over an hour, dropping passengers off at hotels and on dark street corners.  By this point – most of us were having issues with trying to stay awake.  Everyone’s head was nodding in that half sleep/half wake state.  Our company manager occasionally would ask the driver when our stop was coming up – but they weren’t communicating too well and he didn’t get any comprehensible answers.  Middle of night, strange city – not much choice other than to sit and wait.  We finally pulled up to our hotel.  It was right next to the airport.  In other words – we could have walked.  By the time we got checked into our rooms, it was past 2:00 in the morning.  Wake up call was at 5:30.  Some days things just don’t work out.

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