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Ubud overwhelms me.  It feels crowded.  There are too many people swarming the tiny sidewalks, there are too many colors, there are too many smells and there are way too many people invading my space; “You want a taxi?” “You … Continue reading

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Travelling alone is a mixture of unease and thrill.  For the super introverted person like me, it’s the supreme isolation within humanity.  I am unseen and unheard unless I make the first contact and even then, the easy flow of … Continue reading

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Genevieve Salbaing

Genevieve Salbaing was laid to rest today and damn – I’m going to miss her. Not because of her contribution to dance or that our meeting changed the trajectory of my life, what I will miss most about Genevieve Salbaing … Continue reading

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Dedicate your practice to…

One of the things that confounds me in this yoga journey are the empty platitudes that some instructors expound that contradict what is to me the essence of yoga; connecting with our true selves and connecting with others in creating … Continue reading

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Steps of time

Sitting in a darkened theatre, watching an older dancer walk through their spacing for a performance and writing these words.  It’s ironic that the stage is the place where many of us create our stories, our fantasies and our illusions … Continue reading

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